Project archives

European Union & Public Sector

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic – translation of the bill on social care services; materials on social services standards, quality assessment of services provided by institutions managed by the MoLSA, service quality management, and community planning; and other materials prepared by the MoLSA in co-operation with British experts. Interpreting of meetings on preparation of the above documents (2000-2003) / Czech, English

Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic – consecutive and simultaneous interpreting at meetings and seminars, translations of working materials and legislative documents within the pre-accession negotiations and instruments (Phare, ISPA, SAPARD) (2000-2004) / Czech, English, French

CzechInvest, Investment & Development Agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic – translations of texts within the framework of two Supplier Development Programmes. Consecutive interpreting of business reviews in selected companies and follow-up meetings with EU experts; simultaneous interpreting of training seminars for companies participating in the programme (2001-2004) / Czech, English

Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic – consecutive interpreting at seminars for officials of the Czech Customs Administration and the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic on reorganisation of the customs and tax agenda after the EU accession (2003-2004). Simultaneous interpreting at seminars on financial flow management and control under the EU Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund for officials of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic and payment units of other ministries, methodology of financial flows (2002-2004) / Czech, English

Simultaneous interpreting of a series of training seminars for officials involved in harmonisation of Czech legislation with the EU Public Procurement Directives. Translation of training materials (2004) / Czech, English

Simultaneous interpreting of a series of seminars on cluster development in the Czech Republic organised by CzechInvest for public officials, simultaneous interpreting at international conferences on clusters (2004-2006) / Czech, English

Banking & Financial Sector

Simultaneous interpreting at the Cardforum conferences organised by the Bank Card Association, focusing on the bank card industry and related technologies and services (2007-2010) / Czech, English

Simultaneous interpreting at a conference on institutional investments in private equity (2007) / Czech, English

Consecutive interpreting at multiday training seminars on live trading for commodity traders (2007) / Czech, English

Information & Communication Technology

Translation of a tender for the second GSM 900 operator in the Czech Republic (1995-1996); translation of a tender for the third GSM 1800 operator in the Czech Republic (1999); translation of a tender for the FWA (26 GHz) network operator in the Czech Republic (2000) / Czech, English

Translations of press releases for a leading telecommunication company, consecutive interpreting of press briefings (2003-2006) / Czech, English

Translations of source documents during the Český Telecom privatisation tender, consecutive interpreting in the data room, interpreting and translations for the new owner of the company (2005) / Czech, English, Spanish


Translations of documents for a leading international military equipment supplier, consecutive interpreting at meetings with Czech governmental agencies, politicians; consecutive interpreting at air shows; simultaneous interpreting of presentations and seminars (1997-2002) / Czech, English

Consecutive interpreting for the finance department of a leading Czech engineering plant after the entry of a foreign investor, translations of internal and other documents (2001-2002) / Czech, English

Simultaneous interpreting at the Aluminium conferences dedicated to the processing of aluminium and its alloys (2005 and 2007) / Czech, English


Simultaneous interpreting of a seminar for judges focusing on asylum proceedings and the UN convention on refugees; consecutive interpreting at meetings on asylum issues and on preparation of a new asylum act (1999-2007) / Czech, English

Translation of a set of contractual documents related to a major foreign industrial contract (2009) / Czech, English


Consecutive interpreting at conferences of a major Czech transplant centre (2001-2004) / Czech, English

Simultaneous interpreting at seminars and other events organised by a contactology training centre (2006-2008) / Czech, English, Russian, German

Simultaneous interpreting at company events of a leading manufacturer of medical nutrition (2007-2010) / Czech, English

Environment & Agriculture

Simultaneous interpreting at seminars organised by FAO, UNDP and other UN agencies on topics such as agrocensus, biodiversity, fight against desertification, GMOs (2000-2005) / Czech, English, Russian

Translations of large documents within the framework of the preparation of the Czech brownfield regeneration strategy, interpreting at seminars on regeneration and revitalisation (2003-2005) / Czech, English

Translation of the Environmental Impact Assessment study related to the building of a car manufacturing plant of a leading car brand in the Czech Republic (2006) / Czech, English

Power & Energy

Simultaneous interpreting at the meeting of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (2003) / English, Russian

Consecutive interpreting of talks between nuclear energy experts and specialised media under the umbrella of a major international conference on nuclear energy (2005) / Czech, English

Simultaneous interpreting at conferences on electricity transmission and distribution systems focusing on transmission network design and development (2007) / Russian, English

Thematic Conferences and Translations

Simultaneous interpreting at a three-day conference dedicated to the Czech composer Bedřich Smetana (June 2004) / Czech, English, German

Simultaneous interpreting at regular two-day conferences on Baroque theatre (theatre machinery, stage dance, costumes, Baroque opera, Baroque audience, commedia dell’arte) (2004-2007) / Czech, English

Simultaneous interpreting at a conference on the occasion of the anniversary of the Prague Spring 1968 (2008) / Czech, English, German, French, Spanish

Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Organisations

Translations of documents and consecutive interpreting at seminars and social functions of one of the major Czech charitable foundations which promotes active public participation in the development of democratic society in the Czech Republic (2001-2007) / Czech, English

Translations of documents for a major charitable organisation regarding its projects in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Asia (2004-2008) / Czech, Russian, English


Translations of press releases for the organiser of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, interpreting at regular meetings with FIS representatives (2004-2008) / Czech, English, German

Interpreting at a regular session of the Euroleague and ULEB Cup dealing with organisational issues of the top European basketball league (2005) / Czech, English, French, Italian

Interpreting at press conferences at the Final Four tournament of the Euroleague 2005/2006 in Prague (2006) / Czech, English, Russian, Spanish