European Union & Public Sector

Translations of texts on financing film and media projects under EU programmes; simultaneous interpreting of seminars and conferences for experts in cinematography, e.g. on script development, co-production, film dramaturgy and marketing, digitisation of movie theatres, sit-com development, mentoring (since 2003) / Czech, English, French

Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic – simultaneous interpreting at monitoring committees of the individual Operational Programmes, the Management and Control Committee, annual meetings with the Commission officials, consecutive interpreting during visits of the Commission officials; translations of documents pertaining to the National Development Plan, the National Strategic Reference Framework, framework programmes, thematic and regional operational programmes, documents related to financial management, control, audit, project preparation and selection, publicity, state aid (since 2004) / Czech, English, French

Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic – simultaneous interpreting of seminars on harmonisation of Czech environmental legislation with acquis communautaire (water management projects, pricing); simultaneous and consecutive interpreting at meetings with municipalities and public officials on funding water management projects from the EU funds (2001-2009), meetings of Jaspers initiative experts with the Ministry representatives and final beneficiaries (waste water treatment plants, geothermal heating, incinerators) (since 2008) / Czech, English

Simultaneous interpreting of seminars on development and implementation of integrated urban development plans, their funding, use of financial engineering and Jessica instruments. Translations of materials for seminars, COCOF instructions regarding financial engineering (since 2010) / Czech, English, Russian