Information & Communication Technology

Simultaneous interpreting at conferences hosted by major IT companies presenting new products and services (networks, mobility, SQL servers, uninterrupted power supply, notebooks, storages) (since 1999) / Czech, English

Simultaneous interpreting at IT conferences (business intelligence, IT security, storage systems, IT & banking industry, printing solutions) (since 2002) / Czech, English

Simultaneous interpreting at regular seminars organised by a company focusing on industrial use of mobile technologies (since 2006) / Czech, English

Translations of materials related to digitisation of terrestrial broadcasting, translation of technical documentation, correspondence, offers and internal documents of a leading Czech telecommunication, television and ICT provider (since 2007) / Czech, English

Translations of regular press releases for a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics (cameras, printers, displays, TV sets) (since 2009) / Czech, English