Translations for pharmaceutical companies – translations of internal documents, specialised articles (e.g. traumatic surgery, oncology, endocrinology), presentations (e.g. contactology, pharmacology), materials for the general public (Crohn’s disease) (since 2001) / Czech, English, Russian

Simultaneous interpreting at expert seminars (e.g. strabology, periodontics, endocrinology, diabetology, glaucoma, cardiovascular diseases, cervical cancer prevention, Down’s syndrome screening, diabetic neuropathy, rheumatoid arthritis, neurology, botulinum toxin in polio treatment); consecutive interpreting at a training session for surgeons; consecutive interpreting of business meetings (2001-2010) / Czech, English, Russian, French, Spanish, German

Simultaneous interpreting of a series of seminars on healthcare management, introduction of e-health and the DRG reimbursement system, translations of presentations and case studies for seminars and conferences (since 2002) / Czech, English, German

Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting of working meetings, internal and educational conferences, translation of internal & marketing materials and correspondence for a leading producer of incontinence aids (since 2010) / Czech, English

Simultaneous interpreting of a weekly seminar on hospital accreditation for an Uzbek delegation within the Joint Commission International programme (2011) / English, Russian

Consecutive interpreting of a two-day training for foreign partners of a leading Czech manufacturer of hospital beds and other accessories (2012) / Czech, Russian